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frequently asked questions

  • can I commission you to work on a custom audio for me?
    i don't do custom work at this time, sorry!
  • can i pay you for phone sex?
    i'm flattered, really. but i don't do any 1 on 1 stuff with anyone. that means no kik, vc, skype, sexting, etc.
  • can i send you my script?
    thanks for thinking of me but i actually don't do scripts. all of my work is improv. right off the dome. crazy, right?
  • can i send you an audio idea i have?
    i appreciate new ideas so much but at this time, i prioritize my patrons so I only take audio ideas from them.
  • what equipment do you use?
    i have a stereo/binaural audio set up (thanks to my lovely patrons) so i use: Two Audio-Technica BP40 Dynamic Broadcasting Microphones A Universal Audio Apollo Twin X Audio Interface Audio-Technica ATH-A990Z Art Monitor Closed-Back Dynamic Headphones And a Zoom H5 Portable 4 Channel Stereo Recorder for when i record on the go. oh! i also record straight into GarageBand and use Izotope RX7 Advanced to cut background noise out of my audios. aside from this and any background atmosphere sfx added by my editor, my audios are completely unedited (so yes, the wet sounds are real.)
  • what microphone would you recommend to someone starting to record?
    an Audio Technica AT2020. it's a USB mic so you don't need to splurge on an interface to use it.
  • who did your art?
    the art on my website is done by Big Boss Requiem over on Twitter. he is absolutely fantastic and i seriously cannot recommend him enough. he makes a living off his art, just like i do, so i seriously encourage you to go follow him and his work asap!
  • what does M stand for?
    michelangelo. because just like the sistine chapel, my audios are a work of art. i'm kidding, obviously. i am not that arrogant. M means whatever you want it to mean.
  • why heartdamage?
    when i was in hs, a band i liked had an album called Art Damage that i loved. i tried to use it as a username and it was taken so i improvised. lol.
  • how old are you?
    how old do you think i sound?
  • where are you from?
    i'm from Massachusetts, USA. go Celtics!
  • are you single?
    yes, but i am very happy and not looking. thank you for asking, though.
  • how did you get into recording?
    back when i was still just a listener, i wrote to a performer whose work i loved and told him so. he wrote back and said i should try recording. i recorded myself listening to an audio of his, sent him the audio and he encouraged me to post it. the rest, as they say, is history.
  • do you have a wishlist?
    i do! but... while, i appreciate you wanting to buy me something, i would rather you patron me so you get my audio library in exchange!! if you'd rather just look at my wishlist instead, here it is.
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